April 11, 2018

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018: Best political and politically incorrect comedy | Herald Sun

From gun laws, fake news and climate change to white supremacy, same-sex marriage and the #metoo movement, nothing is off limits to these irreverent, insightful and hilariously astute comedians.

February 28, 2018

Women doing it for themselves | Otago Daily Times

Dunedin Fringe Festival features a strong contingent of solo female performers. Given it kicks off on International Women’s Day, Rebecca Fox asks those artists about their experiences of gender bias.

February 18, 2018

Louise Beuvink on 'Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette' | Villainesse

New Zealand comedian Louise Beuvink was frustrated with gender roles and society’s expectations of women, so she created Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette. The show opens this week, so we caught up with the rising star to talk about women, patriarchy and being told to be ‘ladylike’.

April 22, 2015

Auckland comedian in three festival shows |

Most people would hate being on a stage trying to make people laugh but it's Louise Beuvink's "happy place".

November 15, 2014

Is Kiwi comedy really that sexist? |

It's 2014, and 24-year-old Louise Beuvink still gets introduced as "the one with tits and a vagina".

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December 05, 2017

Comedy review: Louise Beuvink in Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette

She’s unapologetically authentic and ranty and witty and funny and it’s a very good show.

May 18, 2017

Louise Beuvink and Joel Creasey impress, while two Billy T nominees fall short

Louise Beuvink spends her hour brilliantly subverting the audience’s expectations...

May 17, 2017

Pace, timing and silence makes for hilarity

From the moment Louise Beuvink steps onstage in her lady-like ensemble, she easily and warmly commands the room. She is equally down to earth and effervescent – a natural story-teller...

March 02, 2016

Charasmatic, self-aware style with pin-point timing

Louise Beuvink's Quarter-Life Crisis takes us through the trials and tribulations of a 25-year-old in search of herself in a unique and highly entertaining manner.

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